Steps You Can Take To Help Your Child Have Less Chance For Needing Braces

If you have a young child, you may have wondered if there is anything you can do to ensure they will not need braces at a later age. While braces will help fix hereditary problems like an overbite, there are some problems that can be avoided by taking steps with oral care as your child grows. Here are a few ways you can lessen the chance of your child needing braces when they get older.

See An Orthodontist

Along with routine dental checkups, taking your child to an orthodontist when they are in their primary school years can be beneficial. An orthodontist will look at the teeth differently than a dentist, looking more at the structure of the bones and the way the teeth are growing into the mouth. If they have an early history of your child's tooth progression, they may be able to take out a few baby teeth before they fall out on their own. This will allow the spacing of the teeth to proceed without restriction from overcrowding.

Avoid Thumb-sucking

If your child sucks their thumb, there is a good chance they may need braces when they get older. To help avoid braces, thumb-sucking must be stopped before the adult teeth start pushing their way in. Talk with your child about their behavior and tell them you want them to restrict it to their bedroom only. This is the first step in having them give up something they have become accustomed to using as a crutch for security.

Use A Palate Expander

A palate expander can be placed in the mouth to increase the pitch of the dental arch. This will increase the amount of space in the mouth, allowing permanent teeth to grow in straight rather than crooked due to less room available. An orthodontist would recommend an apparatus be placed in the mouth if the bone structure appears to be growing improperly. If the jaw is not completely straight, this apparatus can help readjust it to the proper positioning, allowing teeth to grow in straight.

Try Early Treatment

If your child's dentist believes your child may need braces due to a hereditary condition, consider having braces placed at an earlier age so the bulk of the tooth-straightening will already be completed before your child reaches their adolescence. This will allow them to take the braces off at an earlier age. For more information, contact a professional like those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry Saanich Dental Group.