3 Ways To Help Your Child Embrace The Idea Of Braces

If your young child has been told that he or she needs braces, then you might be having a hard time getting your child to accept this fact. Many children are scared to get braces or are worried about how their peers will perceive them as a result. In reality, however, it's estimated that between 50% and 70% of children will have braces before they turn 18. If that fact alone doesn't help convince your child, however, there are some other things that might.

Get Them Hyped About Customization

If your child is getting traditional metal braces, make sure to bring up the fact that they can be a great way to showcase his or her personality. These braces can be accessorized with colored bands, so your child can get creative with his or her color choices (and change them up at every appointment). Does your child have a favorite sports team? He or she can pick out bands that match the team colors. And during holidays, your child can choose colors that correspond. For example, why not go red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July?

Milkshakes and Ice Cream... Need You Say More?

There are going to be days when your child has an orthodontist appointment, has his or her wires tightened, and is in a little bit of pain as a result. On these days, however, consider offering your child an incentive to make him or her feel better. Whether it's ice cream for dessert, mashed potatoes for dinner, or any other easy-to-eat food that he or she loves, a promise of some of your child's favorite soft foods on these days can make all the difference.

Treat Them to a Goody Bag

Finally, since your child is going to be forbidden from eating certain foods (such as very hard, crunchy, or chewy foods) after the braces are put on, you might consider making him or her feel a little bit better by treating your child to a "goody bag" with all of his or her favorite, soon-to-be-forbidden foods the day before the braces go on. Just make sure you take the stash away after that first appointment! Some foods to consider throwing into the bag include bubble gum, beef jerky, caramels, or taffy.

Getting a child to see the "bigger picture" involved with getting braces isn't always easy, which is why these little tips can come in handy. Give them a try with your child and you may find that he or she isn't so opposed to the idea of getting braces after all. Contact York & Bay Dental Office Orthodontics for more information about braces.