Making Your Smile New Again: The Smile Makeover

Many people may feel less than happy with the state of their teeth, and that makes it hard to smile freely. If you feel like your teeth aren't attractive enough to show off, it can really put a crimp in your confidence. Fortunately, your smile can undergo a total makeover. Your cosmetic dentist can help you turn a previously unattractive smile into a beautiful one with the use of only a couple of procedures. Keep reading to learn more about what a smile makeover usually entails today.

Whiter and Brighter: Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

There are a couple of different ways that you can whiten and brighten your smile. While you can find whitening kits at drugstores and supermarkets today, those kits are typically far less effective than the prescription whitening that your dental caregiver can provide. There are two leading types of professional whitening done in dental offices today:

  • Whitening Gel at Home: Your dentist will use a mold of your teeth to make a tray that will hold a peroxide-based whitening gel. You will usually wear the trays for a set period of time every day. You will then have another dental appointment, at which your cosmetic dentist can check on your progress. With whitening gel, most of the actual whitening takes place at home, so it is important that you follow your dentist's instructions exactly to get the best results.
  • Laser Whitening: Another leading option for teeth whitening is laser whitening in the dentist's office. This type of whitening is typically done only on the most easily visible teeth, such as the top four teeth. Laser whitening is done by applying a thin layer of whitening gel directly to the teeth, and then a laser light is shined directly on the teeth. The laser light activates the peroxide in the gel, causing it to do a very rapid whitening. This type of whitening may take several sessions for maximum results, but it does vary by patient.

Resolving Appearance Problems: Altering the Appearance of Your Teeth

Once your teeth have been whitened to the desired degree, your cosmetic dentist can fix other specific problems with the appearance of your teeth. Whether you have missing teeth, chipped teeth, or discoloration problems that can't be fixed through dental whitening, there is a cosmetic dentistry fix for it.

  • Tooth replacements: Individual tooth replacements can be crafted from tough plastic, porcelain, or acrylic. These teeth can be wired to bridges that snap into your mouth, using your surrounding teeth as a support system. Alternatively, tooth replacements can be permanently placed in your mouth using a metal support network that is anchored in your jaw.
  • Teeth coverings: Some teeth are discolored or have an unattractive appearance due to irregular shape. Teeth can be covered with veneers that replicate the look of a perfect natural tooth. Veneers are typically made from porcelain, and they are paper thin. The veneer is laid atop the existing tooth and applied using a dental cement.

You may not have the smile you want right now, but it is definitely within your reach. Teeth whitening and teeth correction measures like porcelain veneers can combine to give you the look you have always wanted. Call your local cosmetic dentist to ask about a smile makeover today!